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Thread: Replacing Control Box, Franklin

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    Neighbor, do it yourself type, pump out. Replaced P switch, no luck, so went to town and got a new control box and installed with nothing still. Ask me what I thought so I had a look. Lid on old control is missing so brand and HP of pump is not known. Had the old style box with overload. I think it's not over a 3/4 HP as the well is only 130 ft. I've never installed a wrong size control box before so I'm not sure of the result to expect. He reports ohm reading of 3.8 on the mains and only 6.7 on the start. Comment welcome.

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    Even a 1/3hp sub motor pulls more than 3.8 amps on 230 volts. I wonder what wire he was reading. If it's not the yellow wire, he is measuring the wrong wire. Or he can read either of the two Line wires.

    Usually up to 2hp, the start capacitors will be close enough in size to start any of the small motors. The Relay if it's the Potential Relay will work on all horsepower ratings. If it's the Blue Electronic Relay, I believe you have to keep the right one with the right horsepower. The only other consideration would be the overload protector if it is in the new box. If it's for a lesser horsepower than the actual motor, it may nuisance trip. If it was in the old box but not in the new box, the motor has no protection other than the breaker.



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