Hello everyone. I am a new homeowner and the new place has an existing water softener and iron filter. I don't know a whole lot about this stuff, just a little research online and in forums like this. Here is my existing set-up. From the well, the line runs to the iron filter. It is an Autotrol 255/440i. There is no salt hooked up to this tank. I plugged it in to check it out and if I manually move the pointer to different positions, it seems to start. The timer does not move and if I put the pointer to a postition, it stays in the same position. The water then runs from that tank to a Fleck water softener (Not sure what model but by comparing it to other pictures, it appears to be either a 2500 or 2510 ecominder - I would guess the 2510 beacuse the timer has a meter for gallons not days?). If I plug this in it does seem to run through different cycles and the timer moves. The problem is the water seems to continually discharge. I also did not notice anything being drawn from the salt tank. I have since unplugged both of them and had a local service technician come out to look at it. He tested the water and (hopefully this is right) said my hardness level was at 18 grains and that the iron level was at an extrememly high 2.0. I know that some of the stuff he was telling me was part of an obvious sales pitch but he basically told me that I would need to replace both units. He took out the Fleck control valve and checked the resin in the tank and it was pretty gritty and really dark brown. There were also little pieces of rust or something in the control valve. The discharge tube is really dirty and brown. He quoted me $4800 for a customized system which would include an iron filter and a new softener. I understand that the water is pretty bad. It smeels like sulfur really bad and it is really hard. However, I am a younger guy, this is my first house, and I am married with 2 little boys. There is no way I can afford that. Can anyone here give any advice for a cheaper alternative (maybe cleaning the units I have?) that would still take care of the high levels of iron and the hardness of the water. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated!!! And if any more information is needed from me, I will gladly provide all that I can.