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Thread: Water turn off for one room

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    Default Water turn off for one room

    I am having new cabinets installed. The installer told me to have a plumber turn the water off for the kitchen. My question. Is this something that I can do? Besides the water turn off knobs under my sink, is there another turn off that I need to be aware of besides the turn off for the whole house. Is it possible to keep water from flowing into just this one room? I APPRECIATE any advice. Thank you.

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    Default shut off

    NO. Your remodeler should be smart enough to know that normal houses do not have shutoffs for individual rooms. What he should have said is that the plumber needs to cap off the water lines to the sink.

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    Default Water shut off

    Thank you! So I do need to schedule a plumber. This makes more sense. I appreciate your help!

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    While I doubt there would be any more valves than you describe, the only way to know of certain is to look. There would have to be 2, one for hot and one for cold. It would be possible to install valves in the supply line, but unless there was a compelling reason to have the water off for an extended period of time, I don't think it would be worth the bother. It think any cabinet installer should be able to minimize the time the water would have to be off.

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    What you can do is temporarily shut off the water and cut off the valves that the cabinet installer needs removed for the installation and install Sharkbite end caps on the line. Big Orange box will have them. They are a cap that just pushes on over copper, CPVC, or, PEX tubing. after the cabinet installation you can then call a plumber to hook everything back up.


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