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Thread: glacier bay toilet

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    Smile glacier bay toilet

    I Bought One From Home Depot, One Peice Had To Add Toilet Seat, Got The Close It Self One. The Toilet Cost Me More Than 40.00 But I Installed It Myself, Been Flushing For 5 Months, Never Have Any Problem With It. It Fills Up Fast When Flushed. Some People Do Not Like The Style, But I Do. $40. Was A Bargian For That Person Who Bought It. Sincerely 68 Yr Old Homeowner.

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    You have purchased the very best China has to offer!

    Often the Chinese make mistakes when they copy something. I hope it is not the same model that I pulled out of a customers house recently that when it plugged up the water in the bowl rose high enough that the flapper would not seat. The fill valve would then refill the tank causing the bowl to have an unlimited supply of water to overflow with.

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    I wish you continued good luck with your bargain toilet. My dad had a saying, "A blind sow will pickup an acorn once in awhile."

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    I often wonder if the people that work in those factories have any clue as to what the products they are making are for.

    Home Depot used to sell the 40 dollar toilet in a bag. Lamosa I think it was. Real quality Ugliest toilet ever made. I can buy Phoenix Lav faucets for 4 bucks a piece.


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