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Thread: Aqua booster is leaking and need to bypass

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    Default Aqua booster is leaking and need to bypass

    Hello all. Last night I found out that my aqua booster is leaking water. It is all rusted around the bottom. So I need a new one. I'm not sure how quickly I can either install one myself or have someone install one for me. (I've been told to get an indirect water heater instead, but that's another thread)

    So basically what I'd like to do for now is take the aqua booster out of the loop for right now. There are many pipes coming and going all over the place. (some seem to almost loop back to itself.

    Can I just take the in and the out pipes that connect to the aqua booster and connect them together? I understand that I will limit how much hot water I will get, but it's better than having no hot water and water all over the floor.

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    I think it would depend on what part is leaking. If it is entirely in the potable water part, then you should be able to just bypass it. But, note there is probably a tempering valve installed and a flow restrictor somewhere in that mix. That is probably part of the complexity you are seeing - the tempering valve will have hot output from the coil, cold input to temper it if it is too hot, and the output of that will feed your fixtures with the house hot. Note, it could be as simple as the tempering valve has failed and is mixing too much cold water into the mix or it is turned way down, and is only set to produce warm, not hot.
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