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Thread: mystery well problem

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    Default mystery well problem

    The problem is that the water will run fine for about 2 minutes and then trickle to a stop. After about 2-3 minutes, it will run again for another few minutes. The pressure gauge goes all the way down to zero when no water is going through. I replaced the switch which apparently wasn't the problem because it didn't affect anything. There is no controller box. The wires coming from the pump (a jaccuzi, I believe) are red, yellow, and black.....I assume the yellow was the ground? When we first moved into this house ~4 years ago, the pump had just been fixed and worked okay. I had to disconnect the pump a few years ago and it hasn't worked right since. Help and thanks for your time.

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    Default mystery well problem

    No one replied to my well problem. Is this because there's not enough information or because no one has an idea what is going on?

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    Sorry Jerry, must have just slipped by us. If the problem started after you rewired the pressure switch, you may need to check the wiring. I believe your overload in the motor is tripping and it will automatically reset, and the pump come on, after a short time. If you wired the 240 volt motor incorrectly, it may be running on 120 volts, which would cause the overload to trip continuously. If it is wired correctly and you have 240 volts going down hole, it is probably going to be a motor problem.

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    You don't say what type of pump, jet (above ground) or submersible (in the well).

    Have you correctly checked the air pressure in the pressure tank? You do it with no water in the tank and set the air psi to 1-2 psi less than the cut in setting of the switch. I.E. 30/50 psi gets 29-28 psi air with no water in the tank.

    You must have good water and air pressure gauges.

    Green or bare wires are ground. Yellow, Black, Red, Green are used in control boxes for color coding for a 3 wire submersible pump. And color can be used for a jet pump but usually they are black, white and bare (Romex) because the pump is 120vac. Submersibles are usually 240vac.
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