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Thread: sudden onset of air in water lines

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    Default sudden onset of air in water lines

    I have a well that is about 4 years old and all has been well (no pun intended) until yesterday we started having a lot of air in the pipes when a faucet is first turned on and then goes away after about 30 secs. Our pressure tank is the bladder type.

    Where could the air be coming from? It's driving me crazy.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    As I was writing my last post my wife said we have no water. I checked it out and NO WATER. I went to the basement and the No Load Sensor was tripped. I threw the breaker and reset it to see what would happen. The sensor went off again.

    Could I have a dry well? I haven't had any probs with water before. 600ft deep well with a static level of about 30ft and 1.6 gallons per min. Only moderate water use.

    Could the sensor have gone?

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    My guess is the well's dry or something is clogging the pump intake.

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    Or there is a problem with the power to the pump; which could be a pump controller, the cable or the pump motor.

    You can check for water in the well with something on a string or fishing pole.
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