we had a roof collapse in January of this year. For a year previously we knew we had a leak in the roof that water was coming through. Now that the roof has been fixed around May of this year we are experiencing a problem with our flooring (the cheap floorboards under the carpet are buckeling). We have been told since no apparent pipes under the house are leaking it may have come from the water that was in traped the walls. Even though there are no apparent stains on the walls and the flooring has never been wet is there any way to find out just how many areas there were leaks in the walls? We are aware of one large area and suspect that because we now have a snagging ceiling in another part of the house that the water may have traveled there and down the walls. Is there any way to actually test to see just what walls were effected by the water damage from the roof? Any advise as to what our options are that will enable us to pinpoint exactly what areas within the walls the water traveled would be greatly appreciated, as we have been told so many different expensive options we are unsure how to proceed. You can email me back at ccbeat@charter.net