Link to a standard page showing risks -- how about it?

i wouldn't mind it if the senior people here pointed out to (some) new posters that
1. they may not be describing the right things, the right context,
---1.a. they may have missed a lot.
2. they may not know what it is that they don't know, and that they need to know
---2.a. no matter how much free reading they get here.
3. even if they got a professional to draw up a perfect diagram, the chances are high they will end up building it wrong, making a mistake.
4. along the way they can cause a lot of damage too.
5. an improperly built system can poison them later.
6. other risks apply, too numerous to mention.

Last year I sent $5 to an Appliance Guru site just so I would get their attention when I asked my first question there. It was a donation, not a fee.

If Terry doesn't want to start accepting donations, it could be because administering it would make things more complicated.