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Thread: Dishwasher connection hose

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    Default Dishwasher connection hose

    I need to have my dishwasher replaced and have started shop for one. My shutoff valve is a 3/8 " OD flare. how difficult is it to find a dishwasher stainless steel hose to fit a flare. Is it something easy to find at lowes or home depot or do i have to get it at a plumbing store.
    Any help with information such as links etc is much appreciated.

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    Just replace the shutoff to match the connector.

    Most people use a 3/8" compression

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    Default valve

    The do not make a dishwasher connector with a flare end, or if they do you will not find one other than as a special order. Change the valve.

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    I guess that is one of the better options which is changing the shutoff valve. What if i go with a flare to compressrion connector adapter?

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    The more adapters/fittings, the more chances for a leak. An old shutoff valve may no longer really shut things off, washers degrade, handles start to stick, and scale buildup makes them ripe for replacement. Do yourself a favor and replace the shutoff...much more reliable. Depending on how it is attached to the pipe, it could be a 5-minute affair with most of that in turning off the main, then going back down to turn it back on. Even if it is soldered on, it's not that big a deal to replace. If it is threaded on or is already a compression valve, it's even easier.
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