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Thread: Buy a compound miter saw or keep the one I have?

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    Default Buy a compound miter saw or keep the one I have?

    Shortly before I moved and lost my workshop (several years ago), I purchased a Delta 36-235 12" compound miter saw. I've never had it out of the box. Now they have laser guided tools, which I think is a neat idea. A salesman at a local home improvement center told me that the old tools were better built than the newer ones.

    It looks like I could add an after-market laser guide for around $80.

    So the question is; should I keep this miter saw or sell it and get one of the newer technology ones?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Heck, I'd keep the thing. While its brand new and never even been out of the box. its unlikely you're going to sell it for the same amount you bought it for. I have a Delta 12" compound miter saw without the laser guide and it works fine. Yeah, I think the laser feature is rather cool too, but I've lived without it this long, I can live without it until I NEED to replace the saw.

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    Send the thing to me! Just kidding.
    I agree with Rio. Keep it. I have mostly nice name brand tools in my shop but the one thing that isn't is my compound miter saw. I bought it brand new at a "??-Mart" type store for something ridiculous like $99. As far as cheapies go, I haven't had a problem with it, so I'm keeping it till it dies. One of my relatives' neighbors has a nice new laser saw and I drool over it when I visit. But the one I have has done quite well in building a deck for the pool along with other projects. The laser is a sweet thing but a good old carpenter's pencil still works wonders.
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    Default Keep the Delta!

    As a carpenter I used lots of different saws. I found delta to be a pretty reliable quality brand of miter saw. I'm a DeWalt fan myself, but Delta is no slouch.
    As far as the laser guide, I personally think it is a novelty. I have always sighted down the edge of the blade to the pencil mark on the board being cut. I leave a little extra on the first cut, and shave it off with a second pass. For rough cutting, you can get to within 1/16 pretty easily this way. I can usually cut right on the line using this method. I personally don't think the laser line is going to get you any closer. It may be easier to see, but If you already have a perfectly good saw, keep it!


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