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Thread: faucet connector pipe leaking

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    Default faucet connector pipe leaking

    I have this push pull valve under my bathroom sink. Its actually leaking where the pipe meets the connector. From what I was reading you have to cut these valves off to replace them which Id like t try and avoid. Is there a way I can put something on it to stop it from leaking?

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    NO, and a leak from that area could be an early warning of pending catastrophic failure. I would turn it off now.

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    Well that's a problem because the valve doesn't work, so I have to shut off the water to the house just to turn off the water

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    Default valve

    The DO IT before the tubing fails and floods the area. Sometimes you can twist and pull, (very hard), on the valve to get it off the incoming tubing, and other times you do have to tear it apart.


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