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Thread: Sealing grout

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    Default Sealing grout

    Looking for a good grout sealer (ceramic tiles, 1/4 inch grout lines) that can be applied after the grout is installed (not mixed in with the grout - the grout is already down). I understand that some of this stuff can be kind of hard to work with and if you get it on the tiles it can be a sticky mess. Any suggestions or tips about products and how to apply will be greatly appreciated.

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    Stonetec and Aquamix are two good brands. There are all sorts of different types of sealers, so first, you need to understand what you are trying to accomplish: wet look, enhancing, essentially invisible all are choices. Unless your tile is unglazed, porous, or a natural stone, it is unlikely that it will absorb any sealer. It doesn't matter if you get sealer on the tile itself, BUT, it is essential that you don't let it DRY on the tile. If you do, since it can't sink in and be absorbed, it will leave streaks that can be a pain to get off. The instructions always tell you this, but if you don't follow it, you'll have problems. Buff off any that got onto the tile before it dries, and you should have no problems. Note, it may take several coats to fully seal the grout the first time.

    Sealer will NOT prevent it from absorbing moisture or staining if there is standing water or long term dirt that is not cleaned off, but it will slow it down and let you rinse it off before it has a chance to stain.
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    Thanks for the info Jim. I'm just looking to seal with the least amount of change to the look of the grout possible. At your recommendation I've been reading about both the Stonetech and Aqua Mix lines. I'm not finding anyone in our area who handles Stonetech, but the place that I bought the tiles from has the Aqua Mix Professional line. I don't know if it's really possible, but supposedly that particular product will last up to 15 years, as opposed to 3 to 5 years for Stonetech. Maybe it's just marketing hype. I don't know. They're pretty proud of that stuff. For the price I sure hope it's good. I'll probably end up going with the Aqua Mix Pro. I appreciate your response.

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    Default sealer

    I've also seen sealers stain tub surfaces too if left too long. Somebody else did that, of course...

    The 15 year "life expectancy" is bogus. I've used a "stand and seal" aerosol application recently and like the ease of using it, but had bad results, meaning it actually flowed unevenly and causing several areas to "gum up". I believe you can order Stonetech products through the John Bridge website (johnbridge.com) - I'd look there...Greg

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    Yeah, it wasn't that I couldn't get Stonetech if I was willing to wait for delivery. But since I can't seem to find it locally, I'm going to go with what's available. I'm sure in the end the difference between Stonetech and the Aqua Mix is negligible. They both seem to be high end products. We're living with our fridge in the living room, and we have no range to cook on. The sooner we get the grout sealed and get the new appliances into the kitchen, the better.


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