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Thread: Would a sand point well work for us?

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    Default Would a sand point well work for us?

    Background: We are in MN on a small farm bordering a river. Our well is a 168 foot deep with a 6 " casing. We have plenty of water; in fact the excess runs in a 2" pipe about 10 feet below the ground surface out to a stock tank and then that excess runs to the river. The pressure is great, in fact we were able to shower in the upstairs bathroom when the pressure switch was broken on the pump.

    In the wintertime my worst chore is to drag 200 feet of garden hose out of the basement to fill water tanks at the barn and at 60+ years old it is getting to be too much.

    Our ground is very sandy, shaley with about 18- 24 " of topsoil therefore it would be very expensive to put a trench in for water lines, especially since it would have to be put in deep to avoid freezing and the sand would collapse in on a narrow trench.

    Now my question: I looked up the local water table and it said the water table is at about 15- 20 feet. How hard would it be to drive a sand point to get water for the livestock? Doesn't have to be potable for humans.

    Sorry this is so long; just wanted to cover all questions I could think of. Many thanks, Lori

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    How hard it will be is all dependent on what all is below the grass. If it's sand and soft clay, no problem. Then you have to hope there is a water bearing sand below. Your questions could be better answered by a local Well Driller than anyone not familiar with your area.


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    Thanks for the reply. I will talk to the well drillers that put in our well. Lori

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    And check with your local Health Department or whoever inspects and issues well permits.
    Good Luck!


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