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Thread: Shower make-over

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    Default Shower make-over

    Hi Redwood:
    The drain line follows the plane of the trap and goes through the joist at the top of the photo - the angle of the photo makes it hard to notice.
    The "2 90s" to which you refer are in fact a T and a 45 for the vent which goes off to the left in the photo.
    The only clear bit of copper pipe that I can cut into is the riser from the trap. But I think that'll work because I have enough height, as I explained before.

    The toilet line worries me more because the coupling and new ABS bits would move the flange over by 3/4". The new narrower toilets will have no problem fitting in the space available: What does concern me is whether or not folks would notice that the toilet is a little closer to one wall than the other. Is an offset flange, then, a sensible idea, or does it present its own set of issues (greater risk of blockage?), or is it just not worth bothering about?

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    I'm sorry, I see my eyes were playing tricks on me...


    On the toilet if they have an eye good enough to see the 3/4" off center, and are concerned about it, well, thats their problem. I wouldn't use an offset flange. I do however, highly recommend that you use an ABS flange that has a stainless steel ring on it, installed on top of the finished floor. Also use #12 stainless steel or, brass screws long enough to grip through all the floor and sub floor.

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    As long as you have at least the 15" either side of the drain to meet code, I woudn't worry about moving it over a little.
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