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Thread: Moen single handle kitchen faucet

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    Default Moen single handle kitchen faucet

    Hi, I need some advise on the removal of a Moen single handle faucet. Can someone tell me what special tool I need to remove the faucet from the sink and is it available at my local Lowe's or Home Depot? The faucet is so corroded with hard water scale thatthere is no saving it and I am going to replace the whole thing. Should I stay with the same brand or upgrade to one better? Thanks a lot

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    If you are the original owner you might try talking to Moen at 1-800-Buy-Moen.

    Take a look at this link... http://www.moen.com/consumersupport/...ustomerSupport

    Who knows you might be surprised!

    You might want to get your water tested and talk to SpeedBump and Gary Slusser in the pumps & Wells forum here...
    Get that hard water under control!
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