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Thread: Help: Unscrewed well cap dropped part

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    Unhappy Help: Unscrewed well cap dropped part

    Folks, I could use a bit of an assist here. I have a 200 foot well with bad iron problems staining clothes, sinks showers etc..

    So I read that you may be able to fix this by pouring an amount of clorox into the well.

    Today i tried this but when I removed the bolts on the one half of the casing I suddelly heard a piece drop into the well water. When trying to screw it back it seems the bolts have no threading now.

    What am I in for here ?

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    You dropped the nuts off the bolts on the well seal. You should only loosen those a little, not remove them. Anyway, depending on your casing and pump size, those nuts could keep you from ever being able to pull the pump again. With a little luck, your casing is enough bigger than the pump that the nuts can pass by and drop to the bottom of the well. Without a little luck.......


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