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Thread: Toto Drake vs Toto Aquia

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    Default Toto Drake vs Toto Aquia

    My wife and I went to the local Toto dealer on Saturday to decide on which toilet to purchase for our remodeled bathroom (which is still in the remodeling phase).

    We like the Drake series CST744 and the Aquia.

    I'm leaning towards the Aquia because of its design and dual flush, but still like the CST744 (ADA) since I am 6' 3". I've got a few weeks before I make my decision.

    The owner of the Toto distributor asked me how I learned about Toto -- I mentioned the Terry Love website. He said many people that come in mention TL.
    Sounds like you have quite an influence in Columbus, OH too.

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    The Aquia is also available in ADA height.
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    That's good to know -- maybe they just didn't have the Aquia (ADA) on display. Thanks.

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    Toto has just come out with the Aquia in the Comfort Height.
    So a lot of people may not have it yet, Terry has the Aquia III.
    The Aquia II is #CST416MF and the Aquia III is #CST464MF
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    I'll check with my local dealer to see if they have the comfort height in stock.

    I'm sure it is more expensive than the standard height because there was a $100 difference between the cst774 (Drake) standard height and comfort height (ADA).

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    If I may ask, which local dealer in Columbus did you go to? My wife and I are also in Columbus, and interested in trying out a Toto.


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    Looks like there are (3) dealers in the Columbus vicinity. This is the one closest to us:

    The Bath & Brass Emporium
    683 East Lincoln Ave.
    Columbus OH 43229
    Phone: 614-885-8420
    Fax: 614-885-4470

    It's located right down the street from The Pizza House (off Sinclair Rd).

    Check out www.toto.com and click dealers -- it will let you know the location of the other (2) dealers.

    We are interested in the Drake series -- but, they had quite of few other models on display also.


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