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Thread: TOTO Aquia III, CST464MF dual flush toilet product review, three and two

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    Default water supply position

    I like the idea of the Aquia III due to features and that the bowl doesn't intrude as far into the room as most of the other Totos, but upon looking at the spec sheet, they recommend having the water supply line 7 3/4" left of the closet flange C/L. Anyone with any practical experience with this to know if it really needs to be that far out? I think I'm closer to 6" - 6.5". I'll re-measure to be more exact of course.

    Thanks in advance.

    The new Toto Aquia 3, CST464M dual flush toilet set at 11.5" from the wall.
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    6" would be fine there. If you look at the spec sheet, the shutoff is a long ways away from the bowl.

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