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Thread: New Heat/HW in 22yr. old bi-level

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    Default New Heat/HW in 22yr. old bi-level

    We own a bilevel that's 22 years old, Northern NJ. It currently has the original 125K BTU Slant/Fin boiler (HW baseboard - 2 zones - works well) and a 40 gal. natural gas HW heater that is due for replacement.

    Now..here's the interesting stuff...

    This house has 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths, 2 adults, 2 pre-teens. We are planning on installing an inground pool this summer. It will be around 19K gallons. We also plan on getting a hot tub at the same time. With my current water heater needing replacement I would like to kill several birds with one stone.

    Here's my plan:
    - Replace the current inefficient 125K btu boiler with a Munchkin or Peerless Pinnacle 199K btu modulating boiler.
    - Replace the seperate 40 gallon water heater with an indirect Peerless Partner lo-boy (30 gallon) or Crown Mega-Stor horizontal (37 gallon)
    - Heat my pool with a heat exchanger fed off of the house boiler (Late Spring to early Fall).
    - Heat my hot tub with a smaller heat exchanger also fed off of the boiler (year round).
    - Heat my attached garage with seperate zone with a ceiling mounted heater (to about 55-60 degrees) from late Fall to early Spring.

    Can you guys help with any suggestions/comments?


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    Default boiler

    You are asking a lot from a 199k boiler. The pool itself is going to need that much, as a minimum, while heating it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hj
    You are asking a lot from a 199k boiler. The pool itself is going to need that much, as a minimum, while heating it.
    Yep..I know it's nowhere near a dedicated pool heaters' output. It will take longer to heat the pool but once it's at temp, it will only maintain. My pool contractor has seen many of these installed with as small as 150K btu boiler and he says they work fine. It does take a few days to get up to temp.

    Heres a pool heat exchanger marketed by Munchkin: http://htproducts.com/products/pool/index.html

    Here's their manual: http://htproducts.com/literature/lp-21a.pdf


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