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    Default DWV Layout

    Another homeowner doing a remodel and looking for advice. I've done the DWV for relocating the washer and adding a utility sink in the basement and a fresh layout for the bathroom.

    Everything is done in 2" except the toilet and the vent which are 3". The main drain portion is 4". Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm hoping everything is pretty good. My biggest concern is the venting for the shower.

    I'll let pictures tell the story. Nothing is glued up yet and I haven't tapped into the existing system.

    Pic 1: Bathroom connections. Sink on the left, toilet in the center and the vent from the basement coming up on the right.

    Pic 2: This shows the connections in the basement. Left is the bathroom sink (with future expansion to kitchen sink), center is the toilet, and right is the vent.

    Pic 3: This barely shows the shower - you can see the bottom of the P-trap in the top of the picture. The top horizontal pipe is the vent. The 3" line is the existing bathroom and the 2" line will be for the washer/utility sink.

    Pic 4: Washer and utility sink - as seen before on this forum.

    Pic 5: This is the top of the 4" drain. You can see the 3" line for the toilet. Top left is the bathroom sink, top right is the shower and the very top is the vent for the shower. This ties into the vent for the washer/utility sink.

    Thanks for any help.

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