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Thread: Vortens ADA comfort height toilet?

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    Default Vortens ADA comfort height toilet?

    I am interested in finding out more information regarding the ADA Comfort Height Vorten Toilets. Would you be able to point me in a direction; i.e. a website where I can find all the information I can on this particular produce.

    Thank you,

    Pat B

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    Here is the web site


    I used something like this for a while with the 1.0 gpf flush.
    The cartridge tended to leak past the seal, so turning it off at the wall help to save some of the wasted water.

    I seemed pretty plug resistant. Bowl cleanliness was a problem.
    They say on their page that it was Extra-Quiet.
    Quiet compared to what? I thought it was noisy.

    Inside looking at the Flushmate tank.
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