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Thread: Wainscoting on bathroom walls?

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    Default Wainscoting on bathroom walls?

    I'm keeping my Kohler fiberglass bathtub but want to update the bathroom. I want a white wainscoting on the walls....it looks like vertical 1-2" strips you can view in many bathroom updates. I was told to get a moisture resistant material since it's in the bathroom....but not behind the bathtub. Where do you get this material and what is it called? Home Depot has sheets on what I want but they say it's not moisture resistant. Any suggestions?

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    Areas outside of the shower just need a good coat of paint. Now, if the stuff is made out of MDF, or some composite, I'd be a little leary using it in a bathroom, but having moisture resistant material behind it would in no way improve its life assuming this isn't an outside wall which should have a vapor barrier there.

    So, just make sure you get a good coat of paint on the stuff, and consider painting the back side as well. If you don't have an exhaust fan, consider putting one in and using it to keep the humidity levels down.

    If their concern was to trap moisture behind the stuff, a vapor barrier installed over the walls prior to installation of the wainscoating should resolve that.

    GP Densshield fiberglass coated drywall doesn't have paper on the surface. Paper acts like mold food if it gets wet. I don't think you need it, but that might make you feel better.
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    Home depot has vinyl wainscotting panels. I used them in my master bathroom.

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    Azek makes a nice beadboard product that I've used in 2 BR remodels. You can't get it at Lowe's or HD, however.

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    I noticed in the picture your toothbrushes are sitting so close to the toilet. Bad spot for your toothbrushes, unless, it is a guarantee the lid is closed each and every flush; otherwise, your toothbrushes can become contaminated.

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    Hi Cookie, I wonder if you saw the episode of Mythbusters where they checked out that theory. They came up with bacteria on the toothbrushes in the bathroom allright, but the suprise came that brushes in other areas of the house (Kitchen I think) had more bacteria on them. I am not saying that what you say is not common sense, however.

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