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Thread: Toto Drake vrs. Toto 704L

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    Default Toto Drake vrs. Toto 704L

    A plumber friend of mine was at my house yesterday and I showed him my two Toto Drakes I installed. I think they are great and I told him so. He responded that he puts a lot of Toto 704L units in and they flush as good as a Drake and are cheaper. I don't see 704L on Terry's list nor on the Toto web site. Anyone know anything about these and are they as good as a Drake.

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    I'm not sure if your plumber friend has a number that means anything...

    He might be talking about the Toto Carusoe MSRP $201.00 http://www.totousa.com/productpage.asp?PID=662

    This Toilet does not have the G-Max Flush that the Drake has!
    Don't get me wrong here the toilet is still a great toilet that has the same Toto quality but yes it has the same smaller flush valve that is found in many of the less expensive "builder grade" toilets out there.

    The Toto Carusoe MaP Tests has it flushing in the 600 Grams of Solids Per Flush which puts it about 2-3 times better than the comparable Kohler Wellworth & Am. Std. Cadet Vs. The Toto Drake which has the G-Max Flush which MaP Tests at 900 GmPF.

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    Default Check the Commercial Toto listings

    Not sure that this would be the toilet in question, but by following the "Trade, Commercial, Toilets..." links on the Toto website there is a 704 model - the second toilet on the following page:
    The spec sheet shows some variations (12" rough-in, etc.) but I didn't see a 704L. This line has gravity feed, trap diameter 1 7/8" and trap seal 2 1/8" vs the Drake's GMax gravity feed, trap diameter 2 1/8" and trap seal 2 3/8".

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    C704L is the "Reliance" ADA Elongated bowl in their commercial line.
    It is still available but the regular height bowl is discontinued.
    They are switching to the Carusoe toilet but they are not producing the ADA or 10" rough-in toilets under the Carusoe line yet.
    There is no Map test on the 704 but the regular rim is 550 so it would probably be more for elongated.
    So still a very good flushing toilet for elongated and ADA.

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    The CST704L, which is the ADA Reliant series is a washdown bowl, The Drake is a siphon jet bowl. They operate much differently.
    The hotel room in Whistler Blackcomb had the CST724, which is similar with the washdown flush.


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