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Thread: Sprinklers for Gravity Fed System

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    Default Sprinklers for Gravity Fed System

    Are there any sorts of sprinklers that give maximum coverage on low pressure water systems??

    We are on a gravity fed system for all our water needs. This system feeds 4 households each on 5 acre plots. As you can imagine during the summer months when everyone is trying to water lawns, grass for horses, etc, water pressure can be almost non existent.

    A well is not an option for us for a long time, so I need something that will give maximum water coverage and keep enough pressure to run more then one or two sprinklers.

    Is there such a beast?; or am I really expecting too much to have my little oasis??

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    Pressure does enter the picture, but what you are missing here is the difference between pressure and volume or flow. Without a pump, the volume is limited and when everyone is drawing water at the same time, the flow is being drastically cut. If a pump is possible, then more volume could be supplied to the main line and everyone would have increased flow.


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