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Thread: Front door question

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    Exclamation Front door question

    Hi, I have a front door that has side lights and I am thinking of installing a metal strip mounted on the front of the door for added security like the one that is shown in this picture http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/co/mah...ages/66D-5.gif does anyone know where I could get a piece of metal maybe 1"X80" that would work for this application. Thanks

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    It would have to be mounted to the outside frame and not the door (door opens in, or at least a front door should). You can pick up the piece at your local hardware store.
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    From the sketch, I am not clear on why you want the metal, and how it relates to the vulnerable sidelight. Is it to reinforce- the jamb??

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    Yes, I am running it the whole lenght of the door jamb mounted on the front to keep the jamb from splitting if someone were to try and kick the door in, I was able to find a strip of aluminnum at lowes that would work for this application. Thanks guys


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