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Thread: need help with ferroli gas boiler question

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    Default need help with ferroli gas boiler question

    I have a ferroli gas boiler but cannot figure how to work. No manual and see no model number. I want to set to heat water for bath only. Sorry I can't give more details

    I cannot find the model on http://www.ferroli.co.uk/products/Domestic.php but it has the letters ABS-FR on the inside of the flap which is opened to reveal controls

    I have turned off rads but bath not heating. what temp should it be to heat bath?50 degres enough? There is a little green light with a symbol of a tap over it, but this does not light up

    I do not know what kind of boiler it is combi or system? I do have a cylinder in the hot press

    At left i have a dial with ON/OFF/RESET
    In the centre there is a temp dial at 50 degrees
    Above that are 6 little lights above which are symbols inc a tap symbol. Some symbols light when boiler on the tap symbol does not
    To the right is the timer dial and right of that is a dial which says bar.

    I took a photo and can forward or upload if someone tells me how to upload?


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