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Thread: Closet flange issues

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    Default Closet flange issues

    Hi –

    I recently purchased a new toilet (a complete toilet), brought it home and went to install it. The issue is when I went to install it, it appears there is not enough room to install it – the closet flange is too close to the wall. I am not familiar with solutions on this, but it looks like I need about 1.5 inches of space. The other issue is I just laid down cement board and travertine. I know, I know… Had I know about this before hand, I could have replaced the closet flange with an offset closet flange. And to be honest, I am thinking I have to rip part of the floor out and do that, but really sucks. I did try to change the flange a bit (extended the slots on the flange by a half inch or so and then use a large wax ring, but it did not work. In other word, it leaked.

    Looking for ideas other than ripping up the floor. Things I have considered – notching out the wall, getting a new toilet, etc. Is there such a thing as an surface offset that could work?

    Thanks for any ideas out there!

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    You really only have two choices. Find another toilet that will fit or tear up the floor and move the flange. The travertine that you used is a very dense tile. It willbe semi difficult to break so you'll likely have to remove some tiles. As long as you have extras I'd try chipping it first.

    Bottom line find a toilet that will fit the space.



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