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Thread: Back-Up Sump Pump Help

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    Talking Back-Up Sump Pump Help

    Ever since our basement flooded - for the second time - I installed a back-up sump pump. However, since owning one, I've been unimpressed. I'm looking for advice in a couple areas:

    1. The current brand seems to go through 12 volt batteries quickly. Even when I add water to the battery every 3-6 months, it doesn't seem to maintain a long lifetime of use. It's usually dead before the guarantee period expires. What's up with that?
    2. Secondly, when I tested the back-up this spring, it didn't work. Even after I replaced the battery. So, I plan to replace it. What Brands to you recommend for a Back-up sump pump???
    3. Any other advice for purchasing this back-up sump pump?

    Thanks for your Help!!!

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    Talking read my lips

    here is my web page to read and a link to the best unit you can buy

    this is 100% right down your alley , with the troubles you are having.

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    Smile Sump Pump

    The unit on your website does look perfect for my needs. Unfortunately, no dealer in my area. I'll contact the company and see what they can do.

    Thanks - good advice. And, good website too!

    Thanks for your Help!!!


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