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Thread: downspout still has water coming out

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    Default downspout still has water coming out

    when i turn the shower knob to have water flow out of the shower, there is still a quite a bit of water coming out of the downspout. does anyone know what's going on here? i would say about 2/3 of the water goes to the shower head and the rest keeps pouring down to the downspout.

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    Pretty obviously the diverter valve is leaking. If you could post a picture of the valve, the pros here could probably give you some advice on how to fix it.

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    It depends on the brand and model.
    With some of the old Price Pfister three handle tub valves, there was a large loose washer on the stem that help seal and prevent water from going out the tub spout.

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    Sure enough there was a washer that was broken. home depot didn't have a washer so i bought the whole diverter unit. however, i changed the whole unit out and now there's another problem. when i try to turning the water, it is leaking from the shower knob. when i turn the knob so the water comes out of the shower head, the leak is gone. the only time water comes out of the shower knob is when i turn the shower off. any issues with this?

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    Adjust the packing nut!


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