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Thread: Do all thermostats switch reversing valve every at every start?

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    Default Do all thermostats switch reversing valve at every start?

    My Climate Master thermostat on my Climate Master Geothermal Heat pump switches the reversing valve to heat mode every time the unit starts for heating. The reversing valve does not switch all summer. I had expected that when the thermostat is manually switched to heat, the reversing valve would stay put all winter, but that is not the case. I am thinking that the less cycles on parts, the longer they should last. Does every heat pump thermostat operate this way?
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    It is probably more a function of your unit, not the thermostat. Some brands of A/C enegize the reversing valve on a call for heat, some do it on a call for cool.

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    Thanks for responding, I should clarify that the thermostat keeps the reversing valve (O) active (cool mode), when the heat pump is not running, even when the thermostat is set to manual heat mode. In the winter the reversing valve switches to heat mode simultaneously with stage one (Y1) activation, and then switches back to cool mode when stage one deactivates. All winter the reversing valve switches back and forth every time the unit starts and stops. In my simple mind, it would seem better if the thermostat switched the (O) command only when manually changing the heat/cool mode, potentially making the unit last longer. I disconnected the (O) wire for last winter, and the reversing valve stayed put. My question is, do any heat pump thermostats switch (O) when changing between heat/cool manual modes, so the reversing valve can stay put until the season changes?


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