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Thread: Leak - bad seal under sink

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    Default Leak - bad seal under sink

    I just installed two new vanity sinks in our master bath. The drain opening in the sinks look like they are a little uneven. When I tried to install the drains, the rubber gasket will not form a good seal with the sink. I bought a couple of replacement gaskets hoping they were a bit larger and would fix the problem. They did not. Any suggestions to make a tight seal?

    Tim in Colorado Springs

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    If they are really off, you could return them...

    Other options
    1. use more gaskets at the same time
    2. Grind as needed
    3. two part Epoxy glue between the gasket and the sink. then lightly tighten until glue sets (24 hours) then tighten

    I would not suggest caulk since it is not water-tight unless completely cured (several weeks?)

    Edit: I am assuming you mean the underside since small leaks on the top side would not be a problem.
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    Default Leaky seal

    Thanks for quick response Bill!

    The leak is indeed under the sink. It looks like the drain opening is slightly mishapen causing one side of the ruber gasket to jam up into the opening. I could not find a large enough gasket or nut to get around this. Unfortunately, the sinks are already adhered to the counter top.

    I will try to find a good epoxy and let you know what happens.


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    Hold on with the glue for a minute!

    Many times the actual leak is water coming down the threads under the rubber mack washer.

    Use Hercules Sta-Put Ultra Plumbers Putty (it is non-staining for all materials) under the pop -up flange, and apply teflon paste stread sealant such as Rectorseal on the threads under the rubber washer...

    This will probably cure your leak!


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