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Thread: Wood Propane Wood Pellets

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    Default Wood Propane Wood Pellets

    Have always burned wood,but must be getting old and/or lazy.Added on a room at the end of the house,and thinking about either a pellet stove or a propane one.Like the "flick of a switch" with the propane,especially since the wife and kids will be using the room mostly. Would appreciate any comments or input.
    Thanks, Frank

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    I grew up in a home where we burnt a lot of wood for heat, mostly scraps from a boat building shop. I still remember unloading the trailer, cutting the larger pieces, packing and stacking, feeding the barrel stove and cleaning out the ashes.

    When I was in my thirties I worked with a man that heated his home with wood. He was telling me about getting a logging truck load, cutting it to length, splitting it, stacking it, packing it along with firing the stove and cleaning the ashes. I told him, "Bert, when I get cold I walk across the room and push the up button on my thermostat."

    I'm in my late fifties now and I still just push the up button on the thermostat when I get cold although it is a different thermostat and in a different house.

    I guess I don't really have an answer for you.

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    There are pellet stoves with automatic ignition, too...
    Jim DeBruycker
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    Smile Thermostat pellet stove

    I helped a friend install a pellet stove in her home a few years ago that had the ability to be connected to a thermostat. We discussed it and she decided to have me connect it to a Honewell programmable, just like you'd use for a furnace. It automatically adjusts the fire from high to lower as there is a call for heat. There are several brands that you can do this with, hers has worked perfectly for a few years.


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