I can't speak to why the CR test is so different from others' experience, but would just add my real-life experience. I have 2 Ultramax II's, and 1 Soiree. Both have Double Cyclone technology and both work well. I think the Ultramax II works a little better, since it really seems to kind of "suck" the waste out of the bowl rather than "push" it out. It is truly amazing to see just how rapidly, and how completely, it does so. Suffice it to say that my family and I have given these toilets a very good workout and they really do perform nearly flawlessly.

The other discrepancy is that the one-piece Ultramax IIs, like I have, have a MaP score of 500, which is acceptable but lower than the two-piece models, and lower than many other Toto toilets. Despite this, I really think the real-world experience I've had with them would suggest a much higher score than was seen in the lab.