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Thread: TOTO Ultramax II, Gwyneth MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

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    Default TOTO Ultramax II, Gwyneth MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    TOTO Gwyneth MS604114CEFG toilet review
    Made in USA
    Video of performance
    Toto has a new model called the Gwyneth with the WaterSense Ecoflush.
    1.28 gallons, with the double cyclone rinse and Sanagloss in White, Beige/Biscuit and Bone. The Gray and Ebony/Black are without Sanagloss. It comes with the SS114 softclose seat and is the universal bowl height 16-1/8" before the seat is added. MaP testing has given it a 500 gram rating, which in many oppions is plenty for performance. Specs for Gwyneth

    Out of the box, the Gwyneth one-piece is a pop and drop installation.
    Pop the box, and drop it on some new wax.

    The bowl hase two rinse outlets near the top of the bowl, the water swings around the bowl when rinsing. Toto calls it their "Double Cyclone"
    White, Beige and Bone come with the super smooth ion barrier glazing that they call Sanagloss. I have a bowl downstairs with the same glazing that is 2.5 years old, and it's still very smooth, like the day it was installed.

    Inside the tank of the MS604 Gwyneth. It uses the Red Toto 3" flapper, replacements are found at most hardware stores. The fill valve prevents overfilling of the bowl.

    Originally, TOTO had a one-piece and a two-piece Gwyneth
    These are now:
    MS604114CEFG, Ultramax II
    CST454CEFG, Drake II
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