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Thread: help with well pump.

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    Question help with well pump.

    Hello, our water pump keeps shutting off and we have to run down to the spider infested cellar to get it going again. <yuck> lol. I will be greatful for any help. note: this is a only a 2 yr old pump. This just started maybe a month ago.

    ~thank you and wishing you a wonderific day~

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    A little more info would be helpful.
    Is this an above ground or submersible pump?
    What do you have to do to get it going again (reset breaker, etc.)
    Type of pressure tank, bladder or galvanized?
    Pressure switch setting (30/50, 40/60, etc)?
    Could be a number of reasons for the pump to shut off.
    Awaiting your reply.

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    Yes, please supply some more information and we can be better prepared to help. You may feel better about the spiders if you charged them rent...
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