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Thread: toiltet bowl water level recedes

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    Default toiltet bowl water level recedes

    Toilet bowl fills properly but after a few minutes the water level recedes about 1 inch.

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    Does it eventually stop?
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    yes recedes 1" . a new kohler cimarron k3496-47 toilet.

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    I would be thinking internal factory crack.

    I returned one a few weeks ago, only where the water was going was pretty obvious.

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    There are no external visual water leaks and inspecting the sub-floor beneath the toilet showed no water leaks. Water level begins to recede once the tank is filled. The receding water level occurs within 1 1/2 minutes. The internal leak is so far the best guess. it would be nice to see the location of the leak. i will keep this open a few more days. Very disappointed with this toilet.

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    Default similar probelm

    my toilet bowl will only retain a couple of inches of water. has been like that since installation 6 months ago. water cuts off in tank o.k. but never fills to a regular level in bowl. Don't know what to look for.

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    An internal crack won't necessarily leave any evidence (outside leakage). The water is going down the drain. With it receding only an inch, I tend to wonder if the bowl is overfilling. Not having any experience with the Cimarron and your toilet in particular, I can't answer for sure. If it came from Lowe's or The Home Depot, you should exchange it now before any more time goes by.

    Several years ago, I got a GREAT deal on a dark green American Standard pedestal sink and elongated Cadet that someone had ordered from The Home Depot and never picked up. (This was in '96, before the second generation of 1.6 toilets and the first 1.6 Cadet was TERRIBLE.) Once installed, all of the water drained from the bowl between uses. I pulled it, took it back and The Home Depot ordered another for me at no charge and with no argument.

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    Red face

    I'm having the same problem, but I donít think itís a leak, due to the fact that the downstairs toilet is doing the same, and it doesnít happen all the time sometimes its fine for months, but now the upstairs toilet is down to about 2 inches and the downstairs toilet is on about 4 inches of water.
    What keeps the water in the toilet? Is there a valve, or is it pressure, could anyone explain how it works, then I might have a better understanding of the problem.

    Many thanks


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    Default toilet

    There is a "dam" inside the toilet that keeps the "lake" in the toilet at the correct level. The only thing that can lower the lake's water level is if something sucks it out, a leak in the dam allows it to drop, or something pushes the water over the dam and the lake level does not get back to its normal level when the tank refills.
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