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Thread: Washing Machine 1 1/2" drain stack?

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    Default Washing Machine 1 1/2" drain stack?

    Hello everyone. I want to move my washing machine to the opposite wall in my laundry room. This presents me with two problems.

    1. I have access to the 1 1/2" vent line that ties in below my bathroom shower drain, which is on the other side of the wall. Can I tie into this vent line and use it also as a drain for my washer? (I think this is called wet-venting)

    2. If I can do what I want above, is 1 1/2" pipe large enough, or should I move the sink as well so that it can act as a reservoir for the washing machine water and give it more time to drain? (I don't really want to do this but will if it's the only way to do it right)

    The reason I need to move everything is to make room for a new electrical panel on the wall where the washer currently resides.

    Thank you;


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    Code in many areas call for a washer to drain into a 2" line that does not serve other fixtures.

    Venting is a whole other issue. A washer cannot "Wet Vent" a shower. I would suggest you call a plumber to get this done right.

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    Default Rats!

    Thanks for the advice Redwood. I'll have to look at other options now as I really don't want to bust up the floor again to install another 2" drain. I might be able to swap locations with the sink and the washing machine if I find a sink that will fit.


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    Default drains

    Rather that try to make up some cobbled job, why not call a plumber and get his advice on how to hook up the washer properly?


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