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Thread: "Push button" bathtub drain

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    Default "Push button" bathtub drain

    Hi -- We have an American Standard bathtub (about 6 years old) with a "push button" drain stopper. We also have a clogged drain. The problem is that I can't figure out how to remove the push button mechanism from the drain so that I can run a hand auger down there. I've gotten as far as being able to unscrew the pushbutton, but that leaves me with the whole mechanism underneath and I cannot see how to get it out. Can you help? Thank you! Beth

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    I think you might be better off to remove the cover on the overflow fitting near the top rim of the tub. It's likely held in place with a single screw. You should then be able to get your snake in through that opening.

    Good luck, Marty


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