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Thread: Oatey No-Calk Drain

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    I am putting in a Swanstone shower pan and purchased an Oatey No-calk drain for it. When I first checked everything, it seemed my pipe coming into the drain was 3/4" too high. The drain I am using is the type you have a 'caulk' rubber seal that is compressed by a nut that fits inside the drain. I was assuming the pipe should only come to the top of the rubber caulk otherwise water would sit in the space between the pipe and the drain body. I removed the 3/4" so it would be level with the rubber caulk before compression. Anyway, I didn't account for the concrete I was going to place under the pan so now the rubber caulk sits 1/4 inch above the pipe. Should I just tighten it down, put some silicone under the ring and tighten it down, remove the caulk and cut it shorter, more invasive repairs? Thanks.

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