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    I currently have an oil fired boiler with a Honeywell R8182DH Primary Control and Aquastat controller. I am replacing this unit with a coal fired boiler. The boiler I have purchased has an aquastat controller, but it only controls the internal temp of the boiler and the automatic damper. You need to control the circulator pump with a separate unit. My question is this - Is there a way that I can use the current Honeywell controller to activate and deactivate my circulator using my thermostat, even though it will not be controlling a burner, as it does on the oil boiler? Or would I simply be better off buying a switching relay such as the TACO SR 501? I am trying to save money if I can, but if it can't be done, I guess I have no other choice.

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    There are line voltage thermostats, but it would probably be easier to use your existing wiring to then control a relay like in the Taco unit to control the circulator.
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