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Thread: Replacing Double Garage Doors With A Single?

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    on my garage the trusses run parallel with the 18 foot wide door, this means that the laminated beam over the door is only supporting a 4 foot strip of roof.

    The two foot overhang has beams that sit on top of the end piece and tie into the last rafter.

    I know I had to pay more to get it built like this, but I know it wont sag over time and the 2 foot overhangs are nice to have.

    FYI: my only regret is not spending extra to have a taller garage door.
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    My design notes include a taller garage door, and a drive-through garage. This is thwarted in some locales where they require that garages don't face the street, unfortunately, but does allow easy access to the back yard, which in my case would include a boat ramp.


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