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Thread: Toilet Advice for low pressure well/septic system

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    Default Toilet Advice for low pressure well/septic system

    Tried checking threads, but couldn't find relevant topic: I'd like to replace my existing toilets with water efficient, non plugging toilets. My existing ones plug frequently. I noticed on your website that a plumber wrote that systems with low water pressure may not work well with low volume toilets. I have both a well and a septic field and not very strong water pressure. Can anyone suggest a water efficient, unpluggable toilet suitable my system?

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    Unless you choose a pressure assist toilet, any gravity toilet will work the same, regardless of the pressure (well, the valve requires probably at least 20# or it won't refill), but the only difference you'll see is in how long it takes to refill, not how it works.

    An EcoDrake or an Aquia are nice from Toto. The Aquia is a dual flush valve (different volume flushes depending on what's there), while the EcoDrake uses 1.28g per flush. You can get either in ADA height if you wish (nice unless you are petite).
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