A while back you guys (and gals?) gave me some great advice. I was looking at burying a concrete cistern to collect rainwater for irrigation purposes. Now the time has nearly arrived and I've got a few quick technical questions:

1. If I use a submersible pump, I plan to lay it a few inches off the bottom of the cistern. I'd like to run the water line from the pump out the side of the cistern, keeping it underground until I get to my pressure tank. What kind of piping is recommended for this? I'm talking a vertical distance of probably 5-10' and horizontal distance of maybe 20'. Would schedule 40 work, or do I need to get something else? I'm concerned about the torque off the submersible pump wreaking havoc on the pipes.

2. If I use a jet pump, I'd most likely set it and the pressure tank on the top of the cistern in the warmer months, then just drag the entire assembly into the garage for the winter. I would want something fairly portable, so I was thinking for the suction line using some pipe similar to what my inlaws have on their pool. It looks like a PVC pipe, but is somewhat flexible. Is that a no-no for a suction line? Would that work for the pressure side of the setup? Or should I use rigid schedule 40?

Thanks as always. You all are great!