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Thread: Frost free hydrants??

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    Default Frost free hydrants??

    I am getting ready to trench in a 200ft run of 1" poly from the meter, and it will feed two frost free hydrants that are about 60ft apart. Do you all usually "T" off the main run to set these hydrants? How far away from the main run shoud I go with the hydrants? Can I run the poly off the "T", to the hydrant? Thanks for the help

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    I have hydrants that are right on the main line, and I have hydrants that are a long way from the main line. Just tee off the main line and use a short pipe or a long one as needed to get to the hydrant. The important thing about hydrants, is that you use enough of them at the same time to keep the pump from cycling on and off. Or use a CSV on the pump and you can use the hydrants anyway you want.

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    Thanks for the advise. There is no pump, I am tieing directly into rural water system, but I dont think that matters. I will run the hydrants off of "T's" in the main line. Thanks

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    For the blue poly line, do you all normally put sand or gravel in the trench, or can I just backfill normally?


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