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Thread: Does Toto colonial white match American Std white?

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    Default Does Toto colonial white match American Std white?

    Does the Toto Colonial White really match the American Standard White? Online (and I know that's probably not the best way to compare) the toto color looks grayish white and A/S looks white. I'm getting a Toto drake toilet and my remodeler wants to use an A/S Americast tub... Thanks.
    -Deb S.

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    Yes, Toto's Colonial is supposed to be American Standard's white.

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    I know it is supposed to be, but is it really?! Has anyone seem them side by side? How close are they? Thanks.

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    Yes, it's pretty darn close.
    I install Toto softclose seats in Colonial White on the American Standard toilets.
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    I have Colonial white Toto and an Americast tub in an upstairs bathroom and the answer is Yes.

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    White is the most difficult color to match. I would never guarantee that 2 items would match unless they are from the same manufacturer. If you can get the 2 side by side in proper lighting, then the customer gets to decide if the colors are acceptable. Ever try matching a white sink, a white faucet, white sink flange, white air gap cover....all from different manufacturers???!!!!!


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