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Thread: Slip joint connections

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    Default Slip joint connections

    I recently purchased an American Standard trip lever brass bathtub drain. It came with two tee's. One uses rubber washers at the joints and has "GERBER" cast on the side and is much heavier. The other is cast thinner with no markings and uses plastic washers that are beveled on one side. Is one better than the other?

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    NO, but if it has a Gerber tee with it, then you have a "second hand" drain that someone opened up and then mixed parts. Unless ALL the parts you use are from the same manufacturer, either American Standard or Gerber, your drain will probably not hold water when you try to close it.

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    The box was sealed. The parts list, warranty sheet, etc are marked GERBER. I thought the same thing so I checked several others from the same supplier, all the same.


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