finally figgured out the prob, between the check valve as well as the filters in the dual whole house filters, they were causing choke points, pressure builds up to cut off before the filters and shuts off the pump, water filters through filters dropping pressure to cut in and turning pump back on, hence the short cycling, took out both filters, still did it, took out check valve and worked as normal, check valve was 1" inch check valve same as the lines, the filters reduce to 3/4 in and out, using yarn sediment filter first then charcoal.

needing solutions as to placement of whatever parts without having to regut all pipes, currently there is no check valve, it is a deep well submersable pump, 2 wire, water comes from the pump to the switch, to the gauge, to the dual filters, then t's off to the tank and the softner/house. was suggested to move the filters to after the softener, but was wanting to keep debris etc. out of the tank/softner. i was thinking of moving the pump switch to after the dual filters before tank/softner/house. just don't want to hurt the pump by having it pushing too much pressure to the filters if the switch is after the filters.

any suggestions? don't want to have to tear apart and rebuild several times to solve this issue.