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Thread: Water, pressure, but pump won't shut off.

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    Unhappy Water, pressure, but pump won't shut off.

    Noticed our pump seemed to be on whenever I was near the tank. I checked the contacts by pulling back and the pumps shuts off. I don't have overpressure, but whenever the pressure goes below 40, the contacts connect and the pump goes on, but doesn't stop without me pulling back on the contacts.
    I've changed the Pumptrol FSG2J24CP pressure switch before, and everything was fine. This time, when I changed it, it didn't seem to make a difference.
    Is there a bypass that recirculates the water so there wouldn't be an overpressure condition?
    Is that why the pump is on until I release the contacts?
    This can't be good to have the pump on continuously, and I don't want to burn out the pump.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamsorchardpark View Post
    This can't be good to have the pump on continuously ...
    No harm is being done there. Pumps usually have "continuous duty" written right on them.

    It is possible that you have some kind of control valve causing the pump to run unnecessarily, and you might need a pro to come assess your situation.

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    Default pump

    I notice you say seems to be on. So it must be a submersible pump? Otherwise you would really be sure it was on. You didn't say too much pressure was being made so either the pump has a problem and can't make enough pressure to reach kick off setting or you have a hole or split in the line that's keeping it from building enough pressure. LB

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    My guess is a break in the line, as LB said. A lot of submersibles are set to hang on the poly pipe, which twists whenever the pump starts. The pipe can thus wear against the inside of the well casing and eventually develop a hole or split.

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    The same thing happens with PVC and galvanized drop pipe. Or a leaking pitless o-ring could be the problem.
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    You can only hope there is a leak somewhere keeping the Pump cool. If not, you would nuke the impellers in a very short period of time.

    Look for the leak or find out why the Pump won't make it to at least 50 lbs.



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