HI. I have a shallow well jet pump ( 30 - 50 psi setup ). I have connected everything up very well. It is only used to water my small lawn so there is a small amount of pipe with two hose bibs on it and the pump is right next to the well hole itself. The leak occurs where the suction pipe from the well connects to a 90 degree elbow. The leak takes about 36 hours to trigger the pressure switch to turn on the pump. The pump will shut off after hitting 50 psi a few seconds later, and this will happen again in about another 36 hours. I feel that I can live with this. Will this leak eventually stop by itself? The suction pipe ( actually semi flexible tubing ) has a footvalve on it and I was wondering if I put a check valve between the 90 degree elbow and the pump if this will take the pressure off the point where it leaks now and hopefully fix the problem?

Thanks very much for your advice in advance.